Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories with Rachel Moore

As a social media marketer, I am constantly in tune with the buzz in the social media world. ?I try to stay current on what?s new with different social media platforms, and how the community is reacting. ?Lately, there?s been a big reaction to the new story feature on Instagram. ?Many avid social media users feel that this is a blatant copycat of Snapchat, and have even expressed concern that this may end Snapchat. ?To get the full scoop, I spoke with Rachel Moore of Really Social.

What is the difference between Snapchat and Instagram stories?

Rachel is a social media expert, is highly involved in Snapchat, and is an avid user of Instagram. In this video, Rachel and I discuss some of the main differences between Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Rachel stresses that although there may be a possibility Instagram replicated some features of Snapchat, you should realize?there are some drastic differences between the two platforms.

One of the primary differences according to Rachel is?Snapchat stories is made up of just stories. They last twenty four hours and are a one traffic route. Instagram always has your feed, so even if you utilize the story feature, your feed will be there unless you delete something. The stories are an add-on to this platform, which means you can easily direct people from your feed to your story.

Another way Snapchat stands apart to Rachel is?it has geo-filters. These are fun and can even be used for branding purposes. This makes Snapchat a fun and interactive platform. However, both Rachel and I agree that geo-filters are a definite possibility for Instagram in the future.

Finally, Instagram allows searchable hashtags, whereas Snapchat hashtags are typically just to indicate a certain direction to the viewer. ?Hashtags can be a huge asset because there is so much search ability, and Instagram has a great platform for this feature.

Rachel and I also discussed our take on the new ads in Snapchat. Although I am not overenthusiastic about ads, Rachel points out ads raise the bar for platforms and apps to keep engagement authentic in spite of having advertising. It will be interesting to see how this change in Snapchat affects the social media community.

For more news and updates about social media developments check out more of the blog. You may want to take a look at the 4 part series I did on Snapchat Success. Lastly,?don?t forget to check out more about Rachel by following her on Snapchat. ?You can also find her on Instagram at

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