Increasing your Facebook engagement with John Melton,?Social Media Expert

Social media can be an excellent platform for building your business. As a social media and consultant, I know firsthand the impact it can have on creating an audience for your brand. ?Recently, I was in Miami and the Bahamas masterminding with a group which?included John Melton. John is an expert on social media branding and has a massive following on multiple social media platforms. According to John, Facebook is by far the best platform to build an audience, so in this video, he?s going to share with you some of his strategies for getting amazing engagement on Facebook.

One of the things you have to do, according to John is to create something that people want to share. He says, ?. . . Ultimately, you have to think from the perspective of value?. Whether you are asking a great question or posting a video with valuable content, you want it to be of interest to your audience. This value, John says, can be humorous and entertain people, or it can be educational, and inform people. You can use video to give insight that will help people in their relationships, their business, or their health. The important part is simply creating content that will bring value to the audience it?s meant to reach.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]?. . . Ultimately, you have to think from the perspective of value? – @realjohnmelton[/Tweet]

Since the goal on Facebook is to get more likes, comments and shares, John recommends thinking about what you like, comment on, and share! When you start to notice what you are becoming engaged by, you can use that content as a model for creating your own content. ?You don?t have to copy what other people are doing, but you can get ideas and inspiration from others,? John says.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]?You don?t have to copy what other people are doing, but you can get ideas and inspiration from others.? @realjohnmelton [/Tweet]

New entrepreneurs may be wary that they don?t have valuable experience to share, but John disagrees. He says, you don?t have to teach from your own experience, ?you can teach from other people?s experience?. When John got started on social media, he didn?t only teach from his own fourteen years of experience. He would see things he liked and he would ?I.L.T?- Invest, Learn, Teach.

Invest Learn TeachTo practice I.L.T., you want to invest your time or money into learning something, and turn around and teach what you?ve learned to others. John gives the example, ?If I have a flat tire and you pull over to help me fix it, I?m not going to ask you your background in changing tires. I?m going to appreciate the help?. Similarly, if you share a valuable tip from a seminar, book, or course, no one is going to ask ?Did you actually implement that amazing tip?? They don?t care, because you are there to help them.

During the week long mastermind that we engaged in, John and I were exchanging information, giving advice, and sharing ideas with a group of professionals in our industry about building our business. If you?re interested in learning more from this group, follow me @sociallypowered and see more great interviews and videos from our trip!

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