Ethics + Social Media with Aimee Skillin

Ethics is an important consideration when you are posting on social media. In this video, I'm discussing the ethics and etiquette of social media communication with Aimee Skillin, expert in Social Media language.

There are some crazy things that go on online. Sometimes it's unclear to people where to draw the line on social media. For a business owner, this is an important topic. Here are Aimee's top three rules that are constantly violated in social media conduct, and how business owners can prevent them from being broken.

The first rule is:?Don't post anything that potentially identifies another person.?Aimee gives the example of attorneys talking about their cases and inadvertently giving too much information. This is a major issue happening on social media, and a big violation of ethics.?

Secondly, don't tag people in your pictures unless you've asked them.?You don't know who is going to see the pictures, or if it's going to get that person in trouble. Even if the person has privacy settings in place, other people can see the picture since it is tagged. You could get someone in trouble unknowingly!

Finally, do not post or write anything that is even remotely racially charged.?In fact, Aimee says to stay away from race, politics and religion altogether, especially if you are a on a business page or are a business owner. Recent examples of misconduct with serious consequences include a Bank of America employee who was fired because she posted political opinions on the subject of Black Lives Matter.

Aimee says the reason these rules are necessary is that digital and social media marketing are still fairly new in the grand scheme. Her biggest recommendation is, if you're thinking “Should I or Shouldn't I post”, don't.

She also recommends business owners have a social media policy in place and enforce it. While the policy doesn't need to be overly specific, it should outline what is acceptable and not acceptable for your company and employees to post.

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