Snapchat Success: Creating Content

(3 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series)

Let's connect @erincell

Let's connect @erincell

In today?s continuation of our Snapchat Success series, we?re going to learn about creating quality?content. Did you know 45% of users are under the age of 25 on Snapchat? With over 100 million active?daily users and over 5 billion videos viewed every day, it?s no wonder Snapchat is becoming?the social media phenomenon of this decade. Keep this in mind when creating your content.

Your stories need to be engaging, interesting, and above all, fun!

Originality is key to keeping your followers tuned to your Snapchat account. The best kinds of?snaps are those that make your follower wish they were with you. Like any great ?story?, setting,?subject, and the story itself are primary ingredients to solid results. If you can capture the?emotions of your followers, even better.

How can you do that, and still remain genuine to yourself?

Snapchat is a social media platform like no other. You have an immediacy and intimacy that?others lack. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with people.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Engage with your audience by showing some behind the scenes moments in your world.?Don?t be afraid to show the bad side either. There?s nothing like seeing a messy kitchen?after a world-renown chef has cooked his home meal, or watching a video of a fellow?programmer sleeping in his chair after the team pulled an all-nighter repairing a code?problem for a popular app.

2. Use filters and features in fun and unexpected ways to get people interested.

3. Schedule your snaps and your stories. This is especially important if you want viewer?engagement. Let your followers know they need to screenshot an upcoming snap, or if?you have a story coming out on Saturday they would enjoy watching. Think of the original radio programs.?You only had one shot to listen to a show, and then it was gone forever. Families would?schedule their entire week, and sometimes month, around them. Television was much the?same. Before cable, Before streaming, with replays possible with just the touch of a?button or tap on a screen, Snapchat offers a unique and memorable exchange.

4. Create calls to action. ?Screenshot this next snap? or “Snap me back” encourages interaction with you and?your brand. You can ask them to snap back with their morning beverage choice, favorite?pen, messy desk, etc. The options are limitless.

You can be fun and still carry the heart of your professional brand. The best way to learn about?Snapchat is to actually create your first snap. Do it, and snap me @erincell so I can see your 1st snap!

Did you have fun? Did you use any of the filters or other features?

Happy Snapping! Be sure to connect with me @erincell or scan the Snapcode above.

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