3 Ways to Save Time & Find Success on Social Media

We all know we ‘should‘ be on Social Media, but it takes so much time to create consistent content for the various social media platforms. Check out the Top 3 ways to save time and find success on social media. We are sharing our 3 favorite platforms to help you schedule your current and evergreen content across your social media platforms on a consistent basis.

1. Recur Post?

Create Quotes to Share with Your Audience!

Ambition is the first step to Success. The second step is Action! ~ Unknown

The number one reason we love Recur Post is you set it up once & then it runs on autopilot until you tell it to stop.

This is a perfect resource if you have recurring (AKA Evergreen) content that you want to share out over & over again. Think about all those podcasts or videos you were a part of, an upcoming event you want to promote weekly (until the event happens) or weekly posts encouraging people to share.

Huge thanks to our friend, Vicki Fitch, who introduced us to this magic!

  • Create a content library
  • Set your schedule
  • Track & Tweak

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Ambition is the first step to Success. The second step is Action! ~ Unknown H/T @vickifitch[/Tweet]


2. Hootsuite?

Hootsuite makes this list because it's been one of the ‘go-to‘ tools for Socially Powered since we started helping business owners with their social media. There are definitely some suggestions for improvements with this platform, but it's reasonably priced (or FREE) depending on how many accounts you need to manage and how many posts you want to schedule out. If you are a small business this is a perfect solution.

  • Manage ALL social media from one single platform
  • Measure your social ROI
  • Protect Your Brand

The good & the bad about Hootsuite (honestly)! We only use Hootsuite for scheduling & monitoring. The reports & analytics are too expensive and they just don't provide what most businesses need/want to see. So, skip the reports & SAVE YOUR MONEY! You can get most of what you need from the individual social media platforms.

However, they did protect the Socially Powered brand by alerting us when our logo was being used by another business. Thankfully, we have alerts set-up when our #SociallyPowered is used and this company stole not only our logo, but also used our hashtag. Thanks for using our hashtag & alerting us when you used our logo as your own. We were able to get it taken down & averted that crisis. That is an entirely other blog post…

There is a good and bad to most social media management platforms – we recommend you do your own research and use what works best for YOU!

3. Promo Republic?

This is a newer tool for us, but we LOVE it! It does so many things – all in ONE place! This is important if you don't want to be hopping around to various platforms to get your posts scheduled out. PLUS, it provides you with ideas for posting based on what is happening and your industry.

Why we love Promo Republic?

Let us count the ways…

  1. Templates galore
  2. Images
  3. Ideas
  4. Branding
  5. One-Click scheduling to social
  6. Automated posting for later
  7. Stunning Visuals
  8. Publish promotional posts (remember the 80/20 Rule)
  9. Graphics Editor
  10. Mobile App

BONUS: CONTENT AUTOPILOT! Suggests relevant content for you on a daily basis – all YOU need to do is APPROVE.

Do you have other FAV social media management tools you use on a regular basis? We love hearing about new tools. We picked 3, but we use others as well. Tell us your FAV's!

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