3 Challenges to Be MORE Thankful, Grateful & Loving!

3 Challenges to Be MORE Thankful, Grateful & Loving!

This is a different post than most as it is the season to be Thankful, Grateful and Loving?this holiday season! Though this is something you should be doing all year long every day. In the spirit of the season, I wanted to share with you some of the things I am thankful, grateful & loving this year.


I am extremely thankful for the amazing people in my life this includes my family, friends, partners and overall supporters in life. Many entrepreneurs don't share their struggles of working for themselves & the self-doubt, bad days, constant struggle with am I doing the ‘right' thing question.

I want to be honest with you and share that I face this on a consistent basis, but I power through and part of what pushes me to do so, is the support of my friends and family. We all have our our own doubts about what we are doing, but the bigger question is ‘why'?

WHY? Why are you doing what you do??

CHALLENGE 1: Say Thank You to the People Who Influence You and Help You throughout Life

Grateful HeartFor me, personally, the answer to ‘WHY?' is I want to help business owners grow their business & find success through social media. Many business owners are afraid of putting themselves out there online (through whatever medium) and I do my best to help them overcome those fears & realize it's not as scary as they thought it was. This makes my heart happy!

I am extremely THANKFUL I can help business owners move past their fears and ‘go live' on Facebook or even just start posting on social media.


It's the time of year everyone is sharing how GRATEFUL?they are, but what about the rest of the year?

Image of person walking on path.

Do you have a gratitude journal??

I try to write in my gratitude journal nightly, but I will be honest with you & I don't do it every day, but I have the best intentions. Even if I don't write it in the journal I think about how grateful I am for the amazing people in my life who support and help me along the way. After all, we aren't on this journey of life alone. It's the people who stand by our side along the road cheering us on the path.

CHALLENGE 2: Write down your daily gratitude. If possible list 3 things!

I have been advised by many mentors to write down 3 things you are grateful for daily. After all, the more thanks you give for the blessings in your life, the more blessings are likely to come your way.


The loving piece of this means the most because I, personally, feel people get so caught up in the ‘holiday' they forget what it is all about…it is all about loving the people in your life; supporting, encouraging, lifting them up and overall just sharing the love.

Often times on social media the focus is on the negative or what people are doing wrong. So, let's flip that this holiday season and share the love with others online.

CHALLENGE 3: The challenge for you this holiday is to share “Who Do You Love” by tagging them in a post.

This is a simple challenge to share your love for someone who has benefited your life in a positive manner. Give them a call, send them a thank you note, share it on social. Whatever you feel is best to express your feelings.

Who is up the for the Thankful, Grateful, Loving Challenge??

Let us know if you will be participating!

Please use #TGLChallenge


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