Learn more about the Women of Social Media Day Denver 2019


Proud to introduce you to the Women of Social Media Day Denver 2019! We've brought together 9 Powerhouse women to share with you their insights & tips on all things social media. We will feature Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Speaking from Stages, LinkedIn, Content/Copy, Stories and so much more.

Social Media Day Denver will be held this year on October 5th, 2019 in partnership with Metro State University.

You can register here.

This is a full-day conference for business owners, entrepreneurs, social media marketers and those interested in learning more about social media. We will be covering Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Video & much more.

Social Media Day Denver was founded by women & is proud to support & promote our female speakers. We have approximately a 50/50 percent of male to female line-up of speakers. This is something we have always strived for at our events.

Source: https://blog.bizzabo.com/event-gender-diversity-study

We have added 90-minute workshops for you to really deep dive into Facebook Ads, Content / Copy & Instagram Stories. (Please Note: These workshops are for an additional fee.)

We are excited to introduce our excellent line-up of women speakers & share with you their workshop and sessions. (Not to worry, we will follow up with another blog about male speakers)

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Create a Winning Content Strategy for Your Business Using Tech Platform –
Jean Ginzburg (WORKSHOP)

Content is now the way that businesses should be selling their products and services. Creating a consistent content strategy will set you up for success. The presentation will cover ideal target market, marketing messaging, content creation and the content hack to create a month worth of content with just one source and creating a content calendar.

Before getting into the content strategy, the presentation with start off with identifying for whom the content will be created. We will be reviewing how to find your Ideal Target Market and niching down with demographic stats, psychographics and where the ideal target market is hanging out online.

Once identifying the “who”, we'll get getting into creating content. The presentation will go deeper into the types of content and using a Content Hach where you can create ONE piece of content and repurpose it for the entire month.

And lastly, the presentation will get into how to create a content calendar and distribute content, using tech platforms and social media platforms.

Jean Ginzburg is a #1 best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with more than 12 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity. Jean is the CEO and Founder of JeanGinzburg.com, a digital marketing education company and Ginball Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency. Jean's clients range from brand name Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups. Additionally, Jean has been featured in Inc.com, Forbes.com and the Huffington Post.

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Creating Your First Facebook Ad – Andrea Vahl (WORKSHOP)

Facebook ads are an extremely effective tool to grow your audience and get more leads and sales. But they can feel overwhelming when you are starting out not to mention the fact they keep changing. Plus you can waste your money with the wrong strategy and tactics – and we don’t want that!

Topics covered:

  • What is changing with Facebook
  • How to maximize the Boosted Post options on Facebook and Instagram
  • What types of ads to run
  • How to best target and retarget with a smaller audience
  • How to best allocate your budget

Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Consultant and Speaker and is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. She was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, one of the most influential social media news sites, for over 2 years and has appeared in top lists on Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com. She is also a stand-up comedienne.

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How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram – Jenny Finke (WORKSHOP)

Jenny Finke knows a few things about Instagram growth and engagement. Her Instagram feed, @GoodForYouGlutenFree, has nearly 25k fans and an engagement rate higher than Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Nike! So how did Jenny grow her following, and how does she keep her fans so engaged? You'll have to attend this workshop to find out!

In this workshop, Jenny will share all her Instagram secrets with you. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to get comfortable using Instagram (quick and dirty tutorial)
  • The key to setting up a killer Instagram profile
  • How to grow a niche audience (without spending a dime)
  • Tried and true ways to create enviable engagement rates
  • How to monetize your influence on Instagram (and should you monetize it)
  • Instagramming ethically – the good, bad and ugly side of Instagram influence
  • Please have an Instagram account set up before attending this workshop

Jenny Finke is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and a full-time blogger. Her blog, Good For You Gluten Free, has more than 150,000 monthly readers and reaches more than two million people monthly through her social media channels. In addition to helping others overcome their health challenges through her business, Jenny also founded and runs the Denver Bloggers Club, a 400+ member organization that brings bloggers and influencers together for monthly learning and networking opportunities. Jenny has planned more than 40 events in four years for Denver's influencer community, and she produces an annual full-day learning conference for Colorado bloggers and influencers called the Fuel Your Influence Conference.

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Bypassing Twitter is a Mistake You Should Avoid with Laura Pence Atencio

Social media is changing. Keeping up with best practices and algorithms across all the platforms can be exhausting. Meanwhile, there is one social network that has remained constant and consistent in the background. Those who invest time in Twitter get results and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Laura will share real-world examples, walk through how to use Twitter for your business, and let you in on what you’ve been missing by avoiding Twitter.

As Founder and President of Social Savvy Geek, LLC., Laura Pence Atencio is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners to meet and exceed their goals. She is committed to providing the most engaging and effective strategies for online marketing by combining traditional business networking and marketing fundamentals and best practices with current and engaging online marketing methods and tactics.

Laura has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits in the US and abroad. She is the author of the popular article, 10 Tips to Build Your Twitter List Now, which has been published both online and in print in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Insta Success: Leveraging the Power of Instagram for Your Business with Erin Cell

You may think Instagram is all about posting your amazing dinner or that stunning photo from your last vacay, but it is so much more than that! In this session, Erin Cell, Host of Social Media Day and Founder of Socially Powered will walk you through understanding why Instagram is important for your business (even if you think you don’t need to be on Insta).

Learn how to create a compelling BIO and a specific Call-To-Action (CTA) on your profile. She will also share tips & tricks for curating relevant hashtags specific to your industry. Discover the latest tools & resources for creating, scheduling and sharing on Instagram.

Erin Cell is a social media strategist, consultant & speaker who is passionate about helping businesses understand the power of social media. She has helped thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives improve their online presence while saving them time and money.

Featured on Entrepreneur on Fire, Solopreneur Hour, and other premier podcasts, Erin is a featured contributor to SocialMediaExaminer.com, the world’s largest online social media publication. As the creator of Social Media Day Denver, Erin has brought together hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to discover how social media can propel their business to new heights. She speaks regularly about the importance of social media & live video for business. She has shared the stage with Kevin Harrington, Joel Comm, John Lee Dumas, Kim Garst, Brian Fanzo, and Andrea Vahl, amongst others.

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Marketing to Build Authority on Stage with Phylecia Jones

In crowded markets more and more people, brands and businesses are looking for credibility and those who speak… wins! Using social media to market public speaking efforts has the ability to make you appear everywhere, show consistency and close the know, like and trust factor for potential business fast.

This method of marketing works for any size business who wants to make an impact with their message or brand. If building authority and making an impact is a milestone, then consistently getting in front of organizations, audiences and decision-makers can be obtained easier than expected.

In this session, Phylecia Jones brings over 18+ years of business, research and engineering to break down why speaking works when it comes to marketing, how social media can be used as a secret PR weapon, several methods to get on stage fast and how to leverage your brand recognition and credibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impact of speaking on a business and brand
  • How to incorporate speaking into a marketing budget
  • Leveraging social media to make you appear bigger
  • How to build credibility that will convert more customers
  • How to build credibility that will convert more customers

Phylecia Jones is a US tv money expert, TEDx speaker, emcee, STEM advocate and Founder of iFind You Close helping speakers research and book more stages.

After being featured on hundreds of stages in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Phylecia realized the power of using the stage as a way of marketing to grow a business and brand. As the Founder of iFind You Close, she is bringing over 18 years of research, analytics and entrepreneurship experience to those who want to want to use public speaking to share the message of their company, business or brand.

Phylecia holds a degree in Computer Science, a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering and is a former scientist for the US Navy. She has had the honor of presenting on such platforms as TEDx, NPR TED Radio Hour, NBC 9 News, Daily Blast Live TV, FinCon, iThemes and a host of organizations that trust her ability to educate, inspire and transform. iFind You Close launched in 2019 with the goal of employing more women in tech and using that knowledge to take the guesswork out of doing the research of sorting through over 5000+ events that happen daily that are looking for keynote speakers, breakout sessions and expert panels.

When Phylecia isn’t deep into researching the internet, she blogs about her eclectic list of ever-growing life experiences including travel, baton twirling, performing with a circus, RVing across the USA, being a professional cheerleader and achieving 100hrs towards being a yacht captain.

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How to Build a Wildly Profitable Facebook Group with Kim Garst

In a world where social media is reaching a saturation point, what's left? How can you stand out and rise above the noise and truly connect with your ideal customers? Enter Facebook Groups. In this session, learn from a highly sought after online marketing strategist, how to build a connected community of your ideal customers with a Facebook group.

In this session you will learn:

  • 4 Types of Profitable Facebook Groups You Can Create (AND How to Choose the Best One For Your Business)
  • The Little Known (Easier Than You Think) Way to Move People From Facebook to Your List
  • How to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement and Turn Those Lurkers Into Engagers

Kim Garst is one of the world's most retweeted people among digital marketers. She is a renowned marketing strategist, keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of Will The Real You Please Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media.

Kim focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their business using social and digital media strategies. Kim is also internationally recognized as a thought leader in the social media space. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. Her blog, kimgarst.com, is one of the top social media resources in the world.

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Dance to Success Even if You Have Two Left Feet with Debra Jason

You work hard to put your best foot forward to market your business – gaining exposure, serving clients and finding new ones. Yet, there are days when frustration can throw you offbeat. Days when that proposal you worked so hard on gets declined . . . a client is late paying you and you can't track them down . . . a prospect who expressed interest is no longer responding to your calls or emails.

During this fun program, you'll explore five steps for putting one foot in front of the other so you can keep your rhythm in check and serve others in the best way you know how.

Debra Jason is a direct response copywriter, national speaker and multi-faceted marketing mentor.

A recipient of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce’s “Small Business of the Year Award” and the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association’s “Creative Person of the Year Award,” she started her business, The Write Direction, in 1989.

Author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™, she has presented numerous live workshops on the value of building relationships and the art of engaging as they apply to attracting clients, generating leads and networking online and off.

Marketing and writing with heart, not hype, Debra’s mission is to not only inspire you but to empower you with cost-effective business-building strategies that help you connect with prospects, business affiliates and referral resources

She is probably the only professional you’ll ever meet who embodies the Aloha spirit with a New York state of mind and a Rocky Mountain High all rolled into one.

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LinkedIn & The Power of Video with Jaime Cohen

LinkedIn is a B2B powerhouse & in 2019 there is limitless potential. You're going to learn about how LinkedIn can be a game-changer for you and your business. We are going to discuss how to use native video and live video on LinkedIn to make incredible friendships, build a community, and increase sales.

Jaime Cohen is the creator of TheRightWords, which teaches individuals and organizations to communicate more effectively. She helps clients develop strong relationships, reduce conflict, build community, tell better stories in person and on camera, connect with their audience, and scale business by doing all of the above.

Jaime is also a speaker, brand messaging consultant, communication coach, and a top LinkedIn creator whose content has amassed millions of views. She works with a variety of professionals, business owners, executives, emerging thought leaders, and large organizations.

People have always come to Jaime for advice. Now, not only is she using that advice to help individuals improve their lives, but by working with organizations she is helping people at scale!

We are so excited to have this amazing line-up of powerful women speaking at Social Media Day Denver 2019! We hope you will join us at Metro State University on October 5th!

Be sure to grab your tickets here!

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