Proud to introduce you to the Men of Social Media Day Denver 2019!

We recently posted about the women of Social Media Day Denver and wanted to share the men we've brought together to share their insights and wisdom at the event.

We've brought together 8 stellar men to share with you their insights & tips on all things social media & where we are headed.

Social Media Day Denver will be held this year on October 5th, 2019 in partnership with Metro State University.

You can register herePlus, save $25 when you use promo code SAVE25

This is a full-day conference for business owners, entrepreneurs, social media marketers and those interested in learning more about social media. We will be covering Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Video & much more.

We have added 90-minute workshops for you to really deep dive into Facebook Ads, Content / Copy, Chatbots / Messenger Marketing & Instagram Stories. (Please Note: These workshops are for an additional fee.) 


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The Fun Formula: How Curiosity, Risk-Taking and Serendipity Can Revolutionize the Way You Work with Joel Comm (Opening Keynote)

The demands of work and the breakneck pace of technological change wear heavily on all of us, whether we are employees at a large company, solo workers in the gig economy, or entrepreneurs launching a new venture. The “hustle-and-grind” lifestyle that we’ve been told is essential to success actually leads to physical ailments, emotional burnout, and a darkness in the soul. But Joel Comm has found a better way.

He has 15 books, a chart-topping iPhone app, hosts a top blockchain podcast and is the co-creator of Yahoo! Games. Comm is a top futurist speaker helping businesses and brands “get there” before the competition. Joel makes seemingly complex material easy to understand, refreshing, informative and entertaining.

In this inspiring opening keynote, Joel will set the stage by revealing the best path to success, in work and in life. You’ll discover that having fun leads not only to more dramatic results in whatever we do but also to a more fulfilling life. Joel will lay out a plan for making the subtle changes to our thinking and routines that will enable us to design the life we truly desire: one of significance and joy.


Joel Comm is New York Times bestselling author, blockchain enthusiast, podcast host, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer, futurist and eternal 12-year old. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the web, publishing, social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audiences inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media campaigns. His latest project is as co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast, a top cryptocurrency show making the future of digital payments easy to understand.

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Closing Keynote with Luke Wyckoff

The user base of smartphones globally continues to explode, opening up new countries and cultures to the world of social media. We have a responsibility as digital professionals to remember that the world sees the content we produce.  How you want the world to perceive us is up to you.

Going into an election year in 2020, Social Media will take a beating. It's up to the professionals in this space to take the high road and not get sucked into the content that will distract the lovers of social media in a negative way. Luke will be sharing his insights from his many years of experience and where he sees social media heading in the future.


Luke Wyckoff is the tenacious founder of Social Media Energy, a “Top 5 Fastest-Growing Private Colorado Companies”. In the last 11 years, Wyckoff has worked with over 350 companies across the world in 14 different vertical markets. He brings his global Social Media experience to the stage in an educational and humorous way so that participates leave with new knowledge and a fresh perspective on the digital landscape for 2020.

Unscripted – Creating The Content You Didn’t Know You Had with Chad Illa-Petersen 

You have a story to tell. The all-consuming desire to share your story creates feelings of excitement followed by trepidation and uncertainty. If you're like me, defining that story and crafting it into a piece of content can get frustrating. You stare hopelessly at the blank storyboard on your table and it taunts you. You give in to the pressure to be perfect and your story goes untold. Unscripted helps you eliminate the need for planned out perfection. It allows you to create the narratives that define you and resonate with your audience. I will show you how to find and create these Unscripted moments. Simply sharing the unplanned moments of your day and pulling out the hidden treasures will shout to the world…HEY! THIS IS ME!

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Chad Leynisman Illa-Petersen is #TheGuyOnTheTeam on #RealTeamUs and owner of Social Chadvisor. He spends his days creating content and targeted ads for clients, strategizing and helping navigate the crazy world of digital marketing. As #RealTeamUs, he and #TheGirlOnTheTeam, his wife, Leyni, are on a mission to remind the world how to smile, work together as a team, find purpose, and come together to create a better world filled with laughter and love.

Chad will be emcee'ing Social Media Day Denver along with his session.

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Ken and his wife Nita have been devoted to serving children and students since college, as educators, and also as mission partners. After traveling to the Philippines and China, Ken found himself walking away from the security of a weekly paycheck and retirement benefits when he and his wife Nita began “Hearts and Hands International,” an organization committed to helping at-risk children internationally.
Ken and Nita have been traveling, inspiring, and encouraging each other to serve, building working at orphanages in Asia, South America, and Africa. While working in an orphanage in Africa with the Turkana people group, Ken realized a true water need, and WATERisLIFE was conceptualized and put into action.
WATERisLIFE Founder Ken Surritte realized the children were drinking water that came from contaminated wells and retention ponds and other unhealthy sources. Inspired by his backpacking days, Ken began working with a water purification factory and the WATERisLIFE portable, straw filters became the flagship product of WATERisLIFE to bring clean water to children, their schools and villages in 47 countries worldwide.
WATERisLIFE has a variety of filtration methods implemented. Personal straw filters, home systems and even community-wide filtration systems that run on solar and wind power.
WATERisLIFE has created some award-winning viral videos that are helping to challenge and educate others about the world water crisis. Through the efforts through social media, they have been able to bring direct transformation to the areas where these videos were created.
Ken is now working with the UNITED NATIONS as a Special Ambassador under the UN FCCC in the roll of the Water Specialist.
This year WATERisLIFE is bringing new water generation technology to the world water crisis that will change the lives of millions. WATERisLIFE’s goal is to end the world water crisis.
WATERisLIFE in partnership with New Age Beverage Company will be providing water for attendees at the event. We will be accepting donations for them & you will receive additional entries for the giveaway prizes if you donate.

How To Double Your Business Revenue Without More Hours with Greg Hickman
Learn how to uncover your proprietary process and turn it into a one-page roadmap that can be packaged into a variety of leveraged, productized offers, depending on how you like to serve — from online programs to 3-day workshops to VIP consulting and everything in between. Once you implement these things, then it’ll be way simpler to automate your sales process and streamline your delivery process to remove you as the bottleneck. You'll be able to serve twice as many clients without adding more hours.

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Greg is the Founder and CEO of Over the last 4 years, Greg and his team have transformed from an automation consultancy serving many well-known entrepreneurs and growth experts into one of the top coaching and training companies helping agencies grow by automating and systemizing their business.
Greg’s superpower is simplifying the complex and helping utilize cutting edge systems and automation to build a client journey that systematically delivers amazing client results so that the business can grow quicker with less energy, costs and headache.
They have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs ranging from Jay Baer, John Lee Dumas, Dan Martell, Betty Rocker, Nerd Fitness, and Chris Ducker to many more less-visible but equally impactful businesses.

How to Become More Memorable: Marketing Lessons from Event Planners and Artists with Phil Mershon
Have you ever left a concert before it was done because you were bored stiff? Have you ever attended a conference but wished you had stayed home? Every social media marketer wants to create a loyal raving audience that loves the brand and gladly does business with them. But often we become part of the noise. It's time to fix that but we need to look outside the marketing world for inspiration.
In this session, Phil Mershon, director of events for Social Media Marketing World and an accomplished jazz saxophonist, will guide you through some practical lessons learned from artists and event planners in how they create loyal fan-bases and truly memorable moments. You'll leave with tools and techniques that can help you create the change your audience seeks.

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Phil is the director of events for Social Media Examiner where he oversees the signature event, Social Media Marketing World. He also leads online events like Video Marketing Summit and Facebook Ads Summit
He is a skilled conference speaker, professional jazz saxophonist, songwriter and idea catalyst.
His upcoming book, “Unforgettable” teaches you how to create memorable experiences.

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Secrets of High Dollar Sales through Social with Connor Dube
Connor will be sharing his secrets to help you reach those high dollar sales using social to connect.
  • The costliest roadblocks keeping you from more high dollar sales from social right now
  • How to take advantage of what your competitors are doing wrong when leveraging social selling
  • And, The four core pillars to put in place tomorrow – to consistently drive more high-dollar, high-value sales conversations from social.
Connor Dube is the Founder of the Mile High Mentors Podcast and Partner at ActiveBlogs, an industry leader in LinkedIn Social Selling and Content Marketing for highly complex industries.
Connor founded his first business at seven, developed an 8-Figure marketing department while working his way through college, and has continued to build his brand around B2B sales and marketing ever since. As a contemporary leader in business to business Social Selling and Content Strategy, he’s been featured on top industry podcasts and resources, including the current MSU Denver curriculum on social selling.

10 Stunning Social Media Myths Busted with Scott Ayres
Learn how the Social Media Lab team at Agorapulse has tackled some of the most popular myths in social media, and busted them wide open. You’ll walk away from this session with eyes opened and actionable tactics in hand.
Scott Ayres is the current Content Scientist for the Social Media Lab powered by Agorapulse who conducts extensive tests and research to help social media managers and business owners get the most out of their posts; busting myths along the way.
Scott is the co-author of “Facebook All-in-one for Dummies” and Podcast co-host for Social Media Lab and Social Media Lab LIVE show. He has written over 2000 blog posts on social media topics and has written 3 blogs to make Social Media Examiner’s “Top Social Media Blogs” list.

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Scott Ayres is the current Content Scientist for the Social Media Lab powered by Agorapulse who conducts extensive tests and research to help social media managers and business owners get the most out of their posts; busting myths along the way.
Scott is the co-author of “Facebook All-in-one for Dummies” and Podcast co-host for Social Media Lab and Social Media Lab LIVE show. He has written over 2000 blog posts on social media topics and has written 3 blogs to make Social Media Examiner’s “Top Social Media Blogs” list.
Scott has been a valued team member of Agorapulse since 2017 but he’s been an expert in social media for 9 years. Before Agorapulse he was the head of content, support, and training at Post Planner where his influence grew their blog to landing the top 10 Social Media Blog list.
Scott loves busting myths about social media marketing, even if that means going against what he was taught in the past or is still being taught by “gurus” today. Unlike many social media “experts” Scott brings a real-world approach and perspective that business owners can relate to.

We are so excited to have this amazing line-up of men speaking at Social Media Day Denver 2019! We hope you will join us at Metro State University on October 5th!

Be sure to grab your tickets here! Save $25 with promo code SAVE25

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