5 Instagram Features You Probably Aren't Using…but Should Be!

Admit it – you love Instagram, but it is a full-time job to keep up with all the changes and new features. Once you finally feel like you've got a handle on Instagram — they add or change something on the platform. I've put together 5 Instagram Features you may know about, but haven't started using to make your life easier. Check them out & let us know in the comments which you are going to use!

1. Collections

Instagram Collection

Where your Instagram “Saved” Posts go.

You may have been wondering where all your “Saved” posts go on Instagram. We've got the answer — Collections! Collections helps you categorize your favorite posts into folders. You can save posts you like or want to come back to review to folders within collections. Some folders might include: shopping, quotes inspiration, motivation, fitness, recipes, color, competition, self-improvement, and so much more.

Collections are also a great way to catalog user-generated content. What is user-generated content, you might ask? It's the content people are putting out about your product or service- it's when you are tagged & you can re-use this content (with permission) to promote on your own social media channels.

Another great use of Collections is to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. You can follow competitors, see what they are doing, review what is working well (or not so much) & create a plan to update your own strategy or fill in the holes being missed.

2. Voice Messages via DM

You may have heard the “GOLD” is in the DM (Direct Message) – which is 100% true. It's all about engagement, but ultimately you want to start real conversations with real potential clients. That is done in the DM's. However, if you have a boat-load (yes, it's a term 🤣) of DM's you may not want to type out all of your responses.

In comes the Voice Message in DM – this allows you to send a short voice message & it's an easy way to get your message across quickly. Plus, added bonus, they hear your voice & know it's really you – not your assistant or bot. What does this do? Builds that trust & relationship with you!

3. Close Friends

This is a special list of your besties, however, if you are business you may not have besties, but “bestie customers”. You could consider using this list to compile your top fans, existing and potential clients. Then you can offer them exclusive content with VIP's, secret promo codes or private events.

This is a great way to make your customers feel special!

Share your posts to your stories to drive traffic back to your Instagram feed.

4. Share posts to stories

This isn't a new feature, but the option to share posts to stories is AH-MAY-ZING!!! So many people go straight to the stories & are skipping the feed. Yep, 76% of people watch before scrolling.

Did you just post a super cool post or put up a new blog or video you want to share? Think about sharing it your story & point people back to your profile to check out your latest post.

PRO TIP: Don't give it all away on stories, otherwise, why would they need to visit the post?

5. Mute

This feature isn't new, but it can be a great time-saver. You can MUTE posts (and stories) by any user. You may that profile you need to follow, but it becomes a distraction, right? We've all got someone whose page we get stuck on, right?

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