Meet?Erin Cell, Founder and CEO

After more than 20 years in corporate America, Erin decided it was time for a change, time to follow her dreams, time to explore the world, time to do what makes her happy!

She has the schooling, certificates, & know-how to help you & your business overcome the fear factor of social media. Erin has a solid-understanding of customer service, account management, marketing, reaching the right customers, & finding fanatic fans.

Erin has an MBA from the?University of Phoenix, specializing in Marketing. Her Bachelor?s degree is from Washburn University, Topeka, KS in Marketing & Management. She has earned her certificate from the Social Media Manager School and is Hootsuite Professional Certified.? She has top-notch customer service, marketing, branding, strategy, account management, project management, & organizational skills.

She is the mastermind behind the inaugural Social Media Day Denver event (2016). In 2017, she did it again bringing together over 200 business owners for?Social Media Day Denver: Mile High Influence?with a fun evening of Social Media Shenanigans with Joel Comm & Kim Garst, including internationally known & local social media leaders sharing their insights and knowledge with the Denver business community. You can learn more about Social Media Day Denver here.?

Erin hosts the Social Success Club?in Denver, CO. The group helps business owners make sense of their social media.?The Social Success Club?provides training through speakers and hands-on workshops for the Denver Metro Area. Join the group on Facebook!

She?is a founding member of the group, Colorado Women in Social Media. This is a group of women who specialize in social media to mentor, consult, educate, inspire, and collaborate.

She regularly speaks around the Denver area on social media success strategies, live streaming, getting started with social, resources, tools and hands-on demonstrations on a variety of platforms. Her most recent speaking engagements include: Live to Grind, Author U, Denver Start-up Week, SCORE Denver, Colorado Free University, Polka Dot Powerhouse, and a variety of private sessions.

For fun, Erin enjoys spending her free time at local music venues, attending well over 30 shows/year.. Her dog, Dugan, is always nearby helping her throughout the workday. She loves volleyball, wine tasting, exploring the world, laughing, adventure of any kind, & interacting with the world.Connect with Erin on Snapchat

Erin loves connecting! Find her on all platforms @sociallypowered with the exception of Snapchat, she is @erincell.