Increase Your Facebook Engagement with John Melton, Social Media Expert

Increasing your Facebook engagement with John Melton,?Social Media Expert Social media can be an excellent platform for building your business. As a social media and consultant, I know firsthand the impact it can have on creating an audience for your brand. ?Recently, I was in Miami and the Bahamas masterminding with a group which?included John Melton. John is an expert … Read More

3 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success with Amy Westbrook

3?Tips for Entrepreneurial Success with Amy Westbrook – Success Chemist As a success coach, Amy Westbrook helps entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners to achieve success. She?s been named the Success Chemist due to her foolproof formulas for achieving success, and in this video I was able to ask her some of her top tips for entrepreneurs when starting a business. … Read More

Pok?mon Go Plus Your Business

Pok?mon Go Plus Your Business If you haven’t heard of Pok?mon Go you may be living under a rock. Ok, just kidding (kind of), but I’m sure you’ve seen the masses out wandering the streets & parks nearby with their eyes glued to their phones. What are all these people doing? Answer, playing?Pok?mon Go. If you remember back to the … Read More