50 Quotes from Successful Womenpreneurs

It’s not October, but as I mentioned in a prior post I wanted to do something a little different in 2016 & start sharing more inspiration, motivation, change, challenge, & encouragement for everyone. Here are some amazing quotes to remind you to go out there & be all that you can be. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t! If … Read More

10 Inspirational Quotes From Women Business Leaders

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7 Steps To Creating A Stunning Visual Voice On Instagram

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Social Media: Product Based Businesses

Social Media: Product Based Businesses Do you sell products or have a product based business? If so, there are many social media platforms you should consider, however, Pinterest, Facebook, and Live streaming are some of my favorites. Pinterest is really the star when it comes to showcasing ecommerce and craft based products. Remember the site is viewed predominately by adult … Read More

How to use search like a pro: 10 tips and tricks for Google and beyond

Searching on Google can be challenging at times. There have been numerous times I’m looking for something very specific & have trouble finding what I need. These 10 Tips really help you determine what you should be doing to find what you need. Hope this helps you too! 🙂 Searching with regular sentences will only get you so far ? … Read More

This 30-Day Plan Is the Secret to Disrupting Yourself

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Social Media: News & Sports Industries

Social Media: News & Sports Industries We all know there are so many social media platforms and it’s difficult to know which is best for various types of business. Today, let’s discuss news and sports industries. Twitter is the place to be for any business where trends and news move at lightening speed. The fast pace of Twitter lends itself … Read More