Top 10: Instagram Tips & Tricks

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Instagram

Did you know more than 80 million images are uploaded to Instagram every day? It?s a global application with some interesting demographic opportunities. Plus, it can be one of the more entertaining and engaging social media platforms. Want to use Instagram to its fullest potential?


Here is a list of Top 10 Tips for using Instagram:

Consistency is Key

As with any other social media platform, being consistent is important. In order to establish relevancy and maintain your audience, you will need a plan to post on a regular basis. There are multiple apps to help you schedule posts ahead of time if maintaining your account is too time consuming.


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Learn Photography Basics

Don?t understand the rule of thirds? Have NO idea what the best lighting is for the image you are working on? Instagram is a platform for photos. Take some time to brush up on some photography basics. You don't need images like the one on the right by @NatGeoTravelIt will do wonders for the quality of your images.

Front vs Back Camera

Your phone actually has two built-in cameras. People tend to forget about this. Stop using your front facing camera for shots that demand a better resolution. The rear-facing camera, on the phone?s back, takes pictures at a much higher resolution.

Convert Visuals Into Conversations

While Instagram can be used simply to display photography, the real way to motivate your audience to truly engage is to use the images to start a conversation. As you continue to post pictures, the story you are telling should evolve and become more in-depth and interesting. What a great way to display your branding to your target market?

Native Camera is Best

With the popularity of Instagram, there are a ton of apps to choose from that allow you to both snap pictures and edit right within the app. However, the quality of your images really is best if you use your phones built in camera without app intervention. Then take the image and edit it with one of many mobile photo editing tools. This will also give you more control of the picture, how you edit it, and how you decide to use it.



Really? Another Selfie?

Selfies are certainly popular and that?s not to say they are bad. Your brand might actually need to incorporate close ups and portraits to get your message across. However, the selfie has started to get a bit of a reputation. It?s time to get a bit more creative in selfie art. Try using selfie sticks, tripods or a timer. If you must take a selfie, make sure it stands out!

Be Authentic

Personal branding is where marketing is headed. People are drawn to personalities that feel real and authentic. Your audience can tell if you are being insincere or fake. Not incorporating part of who you truly are into your Instagram account will make the feed feel stale and uninteresting.


Tell a Story

Another element of consistency involves what images you post. Your combined photos should feel like a storyboard. The best Instagram accounts flow and tell a story. This story is what captivates new traffic and keeps your current audience interested and engaged.

Oh, the Tools!


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Not only does the app have some in-built in tools for both fun and photo enhancement ? plenty of other apps have been created to help you produce your pictures. Try out a few editing tools to make your images really pop. Some of my favorites are Aviary, WordSwag (create custom quotes), Layout (picture collage), Boomerang (burst of photos that play forward/backward)


Hashtags are crucial on most social media platforms & Instagram is no exception. Instagram hashtags serve to promote your brand and products, help you keep track of mentions and connect with people in particular communities. Hashtags easily allow you find others that may potentially be interested in what you are sharing. Look at trending hashtags that may be relevant to your brand. You should limit the amount of #'s in your post to 3-5, if you want to really take advantage of hashtags post them as quickly as you can in the comments after you post your image.

Instagram really is designed to be fun so learn to have fun with it. It?s not LinkedIn where everything has to be professional and polished. Have your images convey bits of your personality in a way that make people want to follow your account!

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