Top 5 Fears & Phobias for Live Streaming (and how to get over them!)

Top 5 Fears & Phobias for Live Streaming (and how to get over them!)   If you are online and know you need to market your business using live streaming, you may face some or all of these fears & phobias for live streaming (and how to get over them!). We will walk you through the biggest fears & phobias … Read More

How to Get Started LiveStreaming

How to Get Started LiveStreaming (It is cheaper & easier than you think!) Are you using Live Video and LiveStreaming to promote your business online? Learn how to get started LiveStreaming!                     Live video and LiveStreaming is more important in today’s world of social media than ever before. This article will … Read More

Stay Positive on Social

Stay Positive on Social Who else is over the negative posts online? I am certain every person reading this has been affected by the recent election and events happening in the US on traditional and social media. If you are on social media to any extent you have seen an onslaught of normally nice people posting negative & hurtful comments, memes, & … Read More

6 Ways to Expand Your Network on LinkedIn

Want to expand your network on LinkedIn? Here are 6 Ways to help you do just that. LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool if you are looking to grow your network online. LinkedIn offers you the ability to connect with professionals, business owners, potential clients, or find qualified employees. In order to get the most out of LinkedIn try … Read More

Why You Need to Tell Your Story Online

Why You Need to Tell Your Story Online Part of what makes your business appealing to other people is the story behind it. In this video, I’m discussing the importance of storytelling with Hollie Clere of the Social Media Advisor. YOUR story is important! Hollie has a few tips to share on telling your story through your social media page. … Read More

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories with Rachel Moore

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories with Rachel Moore As a social media marketer, I am constantly in tune with the buzz in the social media world.  I try to stay current on what’s new with different social media platforms, and how the community is reacting.  Lately, there’s been a big reaction to the new story feature on Instagram.  Many avid social … Read More

Snapchat Success: Creating Content

Snapchat Success: Creating Content (3 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series) In today’s continuation of our Snapchat Success series, we’re going to learn about creating quality content. Did you know 45% of users are under the age of 25 on Snapchat? With over 100 million active daily users and over 5 billion videos viewed every day, it’s no wonder Snapchat is … Read More

Snapchat Success: Finding Followers

Snapchat Success: Finding Followers (2 of a 4 part Snapchat Success Series) In the first part of our series of Getting to Know Snapchat, you learned a little bit about the history of Snapchat and how it’s used. Hopefully, you’ve set up your account, so now we’re ready for the next step: Finding Followers. There are a number of ways to add friends … Read More

What’s Appropriate to Post on Social Media for Businesses?

What’s Appropriate to Post on Social Media for Businesses? Social media began as a tool for friends to communicate and it grew into a vehicle for all types of communications. If you are using social media for your business here are some great tips for ensuring it’s appropriate. People use social media for a variety of purposes, sometimes at random. … Read More

Increase Your Facebook Engagement with John Melton, Social Media Expert

Increasing your Facebook engagement with John Melton, Social Media Expert Social media can be an excellent platform for building your business. As a social media and consultant, I know firsthand the impact it can have on creating an audience for your brand.  Recently, I was in Miami and the Bahamas masterminding with a group which included John Melton. John is an expert … Read More